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How To Enable Away Activity

Away Activity feature that allows users to re-categorize his/her time away from computer with categories  such as meeting or visiting customers. The features is available to all Small Business and Larger Business subscriptions.

By default, this feature is not turned on. To enable the feature:
  1. Logon to MySammy Manager
  2. Go to Configuration menu -> System Settings Tab -> Check the "Prompt Away Activity after 5 minutes" check box.
  3. (Optional) By default, MySammy comes with a short list of common away activities (e.g. In a Meeting, Working outside of office, etc). To update that list, go to Configuration mean->  Away Activity Tab. 
  4. (Optional) Due to caching, the configuration change does not apply to all the MySammy agents on the workstations immediately. To make the setting changes take effective immediately, you can restart the workstations or restart the "MySammy Communication Service" and "MySammy Agent Service" windows services on the workstations.

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