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Missing Web Site Domain / URL information for Chrome / Firefox / Internet Explorer (IE) browser

MySammy client collects web site domain name / url for web activity. This allows MySammy to report web activity by web site / url (e.g. instead of by browser (e.g. Chrome / Firefox). 

Web activity break down by web site works for most versions of major browsers (Chrome, Firefox & Internet Explorer IE). Occasionally browser developer release a new version that is incompatible with how our client collects site information. In this situation, you will see web activity reported by browser instead of web site domain. This will require MySammy to release a new version of client to address. The following is a list of browsers and their versions that are known to work and  have been tested. 

  • Chrome: up to version 24
  • Firefox: up to version 15
  • Internet Explorer (IE): up to version 10

If you are running a newer version of the above browsers and the data is reported on the browser instead of individual web site, please send submit a support request.

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