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How does MySammy count licensed users

MySammy licensing is based on user, not machine. MySammy identifies each user by the windows user logon name, and activities are collected and reported for each user. Depends on your environment, the licensing and tracking would be different.
  • Users use domain account to logon (i.e. you use active directory). Each domain user is an unique user in MySammy. It will count as 1 user in MySammy licensing. The domain user can log on to different machines on the network. The activities collected will be reported as the same user in MySammy.
  • Users use local machine user account to log on (i.e. you don't have active directory). Each local machine user account will count as 1 user in MySammy licensing. e.g. [PC1\[John] and [PC2]\[John] are two different users in MySammy. Activities collected for [PC1]\[John] and [PC2]\[John] will be reported as separate user in MySammy.

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