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I want to install MySammy on other computers

If your account is a multi-user account, you simply install the MySammy client on additional computers.  You may download the client from your step 3 setup, or from your MySammy management website such as http://<youracountname> and choose the client tab.

To verify if you still have unused MySammy users license to  install, please login to MySammy Manager from your management website such as http://<youracountname> and use the manager tab.  In MySammy Manager, look for the total license users and number of users on the bottom left corner.  For best experience, we suggest using Internet Explorer web browser.

Maximum number of users based on account type:

  • Personal accounts: 1 user
  • Home accounts: 5 users
  • Small Business: 5 - 50 users
  • Business: 5 - unlimited users

If you noticed some users are no longer needed while taking up your license cap, you may de-activate them from MySammy Manager by going to the "Configuration" tab and choosing "User" from the toolbar.

If you would like to increase your user count, please call us toll free 1-888-836-8779 8:30AM-5:30PM Pacific Time, Monday through Friday.  If you are calling internationally, please dial 1-909-598-8779.

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